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Natural Science Imaging and Photography (Applications in Scientific Photography) 1st Edition
edited by Michael R. Peres (Focal Press, 2021)

“Red floral nectar that absorbs ultraviolet light is produced by a new Peruvian species, Jaltomata weigendiana (Solanaceae)”
By Thomas Mione, et al (Phytologia (Mar 16, 2018))

“Breeding system features and a novel method for locating floral nectar secretion in a South American nightshade (Jaltomata quipuscoae)”
By Thomas Mione, et al (Plant Biosystems, 2019)

“Sex-specific floral attraction traits in a sequentially hermaphroditic species”
By Kristen Peach, et al (Ecology and Evolution, 2020)

“Climate Predicts UV Floral Pattern Size, Anthocyanin Concentration, and Pollen Performance in Clarkia unguiculata”
By Kristen Peach, et al (Frontiers in Plant Science, 2021)

“The Ecology and Evolution of Floral Form and Function in Clarkia unguiculata”
K Peach – 2020

“Role of coloration in antipredator strategies of Pristidactylus achalensis (Squamata: Leiosauridae) related to sex and stages of predation”
MarĂ­a Del Milagro Torres, et al (Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2021)

Testing of UVROptics' SEU Gen2 Filter by -- 7/2018

An exhaustive series of real-world tests were conducted by Andrea Blum, of, of the UVROptics' SEU Gen2 UV Bandpass filter. Andrea's summary, with links to the 11 parts of the testing, may be found here -- SEU Gen2 Filter Test Summary
The conclusions of the testing included the following passage [emphasis ours]:

All UVROptic's filters are manufactured in New Hampshire, USA, of the finest optical glass.